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Stress check is all about balancing levels of stress and ultimate personal performance. Too low or too high levels of stress can lead to negative effects on a person’s physical and mental health. Dealing with stress is called coping and help you perform better during challenging times. We help you to find a good balance between your coping strategies. This is an initiative of the research centre of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.


How to manage your daily stress levels in a better way? Fill in questionnaire and find out. We will send you your personal profile how you handle stress now, and better in the future. It is possible to have personal consults as well as group workshop working on your stress coping strategies.

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More than 2700 people have done the stresscheck and have benefitted from the results. You receive a personal profile of your stress coping strategies and practical tips how to improve you routine style to a possible more effective one.

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Stresscheck is based on research done in education, medical healthcare and entrepreneurship. During personal and group workshops many entrepreneurs as well as students have benefitted from the knowledge and suggestions. Relevant scientific publications we use are:

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