Coping StylesScore
1C2I try to come up with a strategy about what to do.2Passive Coping
2C6I discuss my feelings with someone.3C9C9Turning to religion4
3C9I try to find comfort in my religion.4C16C16Sports5
4C16I spend more time on sporting activities5C8C8Acceptance2
5C8I accept that this has happened and that it cannot be changed.2C15C15Humour3
6C15I laugh about the situation.3C10C10Focus on & venting of emotions4
7C10I let my emotions out.4C11C11Denial5
8C11I refuse to believe that it has happened.5C14C14Substance use2
9C14I use more stimulating substances to get things done2
10C12I just give up trying to reach my goal.3
11C3I try to get distracted by other activities
12C7I look for something good in what is happening.5
1C1I take additional action to try to get rid of the problem.2
2C5I talk to someone to find out more about the situation.3Active Coping
3C9I put my trust in my faith.4C1C2Active coping and planning2
4C16I exercise more5C7C7Positive reinterpretation and growth 5
5C8I get used to the idea that it happened.2C12C12Behavioural disengagement3
6C15I make fun of the situation.3C3C3Suppression of competing activities2
7C10I get upset and let my emotions out.4C6C5Seeking social support for instrumental and emotional reasons3
8C11I say to myself "this is not real."5
9C14I use drugs or drinks to get myself through2
10C12I give up the attempt to get what I want.3
11C3I keep myself from getting distracted by other thoughts or activities.4
12C7I try to see it in a different light, to make it seem more positive.5active coping balance3
passive coping balance3.5714285714286
GSSGeneral stress level7General Stress Score7
Mental health BalanceMental Health Balance
1MHB1…I felt very nervous1Positive mental health2
2MHB2…I was so down that nothing could cheer me up2Negative mental health4
3MHB3…I felt calm and peaceful3
4MHB4…I felt depressed and gloomy3
5MHB5…I felt happy5